Sunday, September 23, 2007

That's Entertainment

Party season is just around the corner! Do your guests a favor by refusing to serve their festive drinks in ubiquitous glassware. Liven up your fluids with some pieces from Molo Design's "Float" collection.

Float is a line of thermally resistant glassware designed with simple forms and clean lines to emphasize the expressive colors and charms of the tea, scotch, juice, etc., served within. The suspended bowl design of each piece creates a lens of liquid color that projects a play of colored light onto the table top.

These simple elegant forms belie sophisticated technical innovations and a high level of skill. Each piece of float glassware is crafted by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic from the finest water-clear German borosilicate glass, an extremely pure and chemically inert material that is resistant to thermal shock.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Arrivals: Tabletop and Home Accessories

Superb wooden bowls, servers, rice dishes, vases and lighting by Bahari have just come in! Bahari products offer a fusion of Asian tradition and modern pragmatism. Moderate pricing, meticulous attention to detail, original designs, and practical adaptations of traditional crafts.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Arrivals: Home Accessories

Fresh out of the kiln, gorgeous Xenia Taler tiles! For those of you that are not familiar with the duo and their wares, please find a primer below:

Who: Partners Xenia Taler and Steven Koblinsky. Xenia designs the tiles, Steven crafts the clay and glazes.
Where: In their Toronto studio.
When: Since 1996.
How: Tiles are pressed in molds made of wood, or extruded. Glazes are mixed from scratch. All tiles are decorated by hand.
Why: Because they hope that one day, a long, long time from now, not only will your children fight mercilessly over the wonderful tiles you had so wisely purchased, but even when humankind is forced to venture off this world and fend amongst the stars, those lovely tiles will be the second or third item on a strict ten item list which your descendants feel they must take along with them on their arduous journey.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Arrivals: Art

Lush, vibrant, new oils by emerging artist Rachel Austin have arrived! Austin is an Oregon native who currently resides in Portland. She strives to evoke a sense of innocence and simplicity through shape and color in her work. Themes of flight, isolation, and growth are prevalent in her paintings.

In addition to the oils, we recently received several new mixed media collages from Austin's popular "Map Series." Austin creates these works by adhering portions of maps to wood panels, then applying layer after layer of acrylic paint to gain a waxy, encaustic-like texture. She finishes the pieces with frames made of reclaimed wood pallets and names them after a location from the map in the painting.

Design with Conscience

Artecnica's Design With Conscience projects employ production methods that are human and environmentally friendly. They denounce child labor, promote safe, toxic-free environments, and use purchasing criteria that prevent labor and environmental exploitation. Their vision is to promote self-sustaining communities of skilled artisans in underdeveloped countries. They believe design can be used to advance living standards worldwide. Through design with conscience, Artecnica hopes to inspire others, promote global awareness, and help generate a better and more humane world.

At Urchin, we regularly stock the following Design With Conscience projects:
Transglass: Lovely earth toned vases, carafes and cups made from recycled glass bottles. Prices range from $18 to $63.

Ivy: Tord Boontje’s verdant gardens tumble across the panels of Ivy, the dreamy flora cut in plated steel to transform walls, windows, and space. The six panels per set hook together easily for modular configuration. Build curtains, decorative panels, and dividers.

Until Dawn Curtain: Elaborate flora-and-fauna panels play with light, creating intriguing shadows and textures in any environment, as a curtain, screen, or wall hanging. Made of Tyvek, a super-resistant synthetic paper material, Until Dawn also comes with Velcro-closure loops and holes to hang from hooks or poles.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Arrivals: Jewelry

We have just received a collection of precious earrings, necklaces and rings made from cast antique buttons and lace by local designer Jill Renae! On a trip to Hawaii, Renae began admiring hand-made jewelry by local artisans. She bought some beads and cord and stared making her own wares. Her hobby turned into a full blown obsession and part time career. Multi-tasking Renae designs and creates jewelry in addition to owning beloved Fremont clothing boutique Horseshoe. She strives to create pieces that are bold and simplistic.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

In Our Windows

1. Summer is over! Get ready for fall with Tray 6 umbrellas. $56
2. Save space in a stylish manner with Gus Design Group's "Pawn Stools." $357
3. Anne Black's "Green Circle Vase" will light up any room. $95
4. Lotta Jansdotter's rustic linen runner in "Pricka" adds instant warmth to your table. $50

1. Utilitarian bags can be chic! Unisex "Touch" laptop bag by Mandarina Duck. $225
2. Dress up your walls for fall with one of Rachel Ann Austin's gorgeous map paintings. $100
3. Illuminate gracefully with Bahari 's porcelain "Star" lamp. $170
4. Enjoy Artecnica's multi-tasking metal "Ivy." Hang to add instant flair to your windows or divide your space. $59
5. Give the earth a break with David Brunicardi's reclaimed ash "Swamp Thing" bench. $570