Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Arrivals: Home Accessories

Fresh out of the kiln, gorgeous Xenia Taler tiles! For those of you that are not familiar with the duo and their wares, please find a primer below:

Who: Partners Xenia Taler and Steven Koblinsky. Xenia designs the tiles, Steven crafts the clay and glazes.
Where: In their Toronto studio.
When: Since 1996.
How: Tiles are pressed in molds made of wood, or extruded. Glazes are mixed from scratch. All tiles are decorated by hand.
Why: Because they hope that one day, a long, long time from now, not only will your children fight mercilessly over the wonderful tiles you had so wisely purchased, but even when humankind is forced to venture off this world and fend amongst the stars, those lovely tiles will be the second or third item on a strict ten item list which your descendants feel they must take along with them on their arduous journey.